SOS iEmergency, application for the iPhone with software 4.0 or later

SOS iEmergency is the first and only SOS iPhone application that can save lives. Should you find yourself in a real emergency situation the SOS iEmergency application can be triggered to send an emergency message to the respective emergency numbers [MEDICAL, FIRE, CRIME] and can therefore save valuable time in the rescue efforts.

SOS iEmergency is currently operational in 57 countries worldwide and its user interface is accessible in 6 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Russian.

In an emergency, you must not:

  • key in an emergency number
  • type in any text
  • no talk to an operator or dispatcher in the emergency center

[Thus, there are no language barriers. SOS iEmergency can also be used by the hearing and speech impaired.]

The entire process is controlled automatically. The only thing you need to do is to trigger the process.

The use of SOS iEmergency is quite simple. Follow the instructions below step by step for installation on your iPhone. This has to be done only once for the first installation.

  • download the SOS iEmergency application onto your iPhone.
  • Start the application.
  • Enter a mobile phone number of a close relative or friend, who should receive an emergency SMS alert
  • Enter a landline phone number of a close relative or friend, who should receive a voice message in an emergency [The text of the emergency text message is read to the recipient, does not function in all countries. Optional, enter a mobile phone number.]
  • Enter an e-mail address of a close relative or friend, who should receive an e-mail in case of an emergency
  • Enter your own iPhone mobile phone number
  • Enter your own e-mail address (iPhone e-mail address)
  • To authenticate your mobile phone number you will receive an SMS with a link - Open the SMS on your iPhone and click on the link - now you have authenticated your mobile phone number
  • To authenticate your e-mail address you will receive an additional E-mail with a link - Open the e-mail on your iPhone and click on the link - You now have to authenticate your e-mail address
  • Now SOS iEmergency is prepared for a possible emergency and is operational

Each time you start your iPhone the SOS iEmergency Application-ID will be verified in the background. Should you have changed your mobile phone number or e-mail address in the application settings, you will have to run the confirmation process again. The same applies to country change. This is necessary to identify and authenticate you and your iPhone when an emergency message is sent.

Should you find yourself in an emergency situation, take your iPhone, launch SOS iEmergency and press one of the three buttons displayed:

  • Medical Emergency  if you are in a "medical emergency"
  • FIRE Emergency  when you are in a "fire-emergency"
  • CRIME Emergency if you are a "police emergency"

After pressing one of the above mentioned buttons, another button will appear labeled "PRESS FOR SEND".

Press this button to send your emergency call. A confirmation message with the word "SEND" will appear, indicating that the emergency message has been send.

How will the emergency call dispatched?

The application automatically detects your GPS coordinates [location]. These coordinates along with the information you entered into the settings section of the application will be send to the SOS iEmergency server.

The server then sends a pre-defined SOS emergency message to the appropriate emergency agency along with your personal information and the GPS coordinates registered, or the address found on Google Maps per SMS and Email to:

  • Your entered mobile phone number
  • Your entered landline phone number or optional another Mobile Phone Number.
  • In addition an emergency e-mail will be send with address details [your site at the   consignment of the emergency call] to the entered your e-mail address of the person you trust.

What happens then?

For MEDICAL Emergency and FIRE Emergency the iPhone will play a permanent alarm sound which must be manually switched off.

In CRIME Emergency mode the iPhone is silent; that way you can send an emergency message without drawing unwanted attention to this process.

After the installation and setup you have 3 free distress SMS messages available, regardless of whether all three emergency messages are send at once or over time. After using up your free emergency SMS messages, the SOS iEmergency application is disabled sending emergency SMS. The dispatch of emergency e-mail is still possible.

To reactivate SOS SMS sending, you will need to buy additional SOS SMS credits over the AppStore.

We currently have 2 SMS packages available:

  • Package 1 = 3 x SMS
  • Package 2 = 6 x SMS


Example SMS text “Medical Emergency”:

SOS! Medical emergency! I need HELP and I am no longer able to provide information.
My Location:
26°07’09.90“N 81°44’38.34“E

Example, e-mail text "Medical Emergency":

SOS! I am in a Medical Emergency and I need HELP!
I am currently not able to provide more information.
My current GPS coordinates:
26°07’09.90“N 81°44’38.34“E
My current location:
5230 Malvern Court, 34112 Naples FL USA
My Mobil phone number: 239-793-370

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